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What is Hiraeth?

Hiraeth is a welsh word with no direct translation, describing a feeling of homesickness for a home that you do not have, cannot return to, or that never existed.

Hiraeth, the game, is a turn based RPG with Platform-Fighter elements, that follows the stories of four characters in their journey to stop a man from bringing back long forgotten gods.

News Board

>03/30/2023 - After a bit of a hiatus, finished the Characters page, along with the four main characters. Also, posted a ton of music.

>02/14/2023 - Posted Valentine's Theme

>02/13/2023 - Finished Credits, FAQ, and Home Pages

>02/12/2023 - Created this website!

How can I help? And where can I see more?

If you want to support the game, interacting with the content that has been put out and providing feedback is one of the most helpful things you can do! However, you can contact me in my Discord if you'd like to help with the game more directly.


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